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The ABA has NO PLANS to delay the season. Our baseball games involve less than 50 healthy & athletic adult players and their fans. We play outside in the open air where any virus transmission is extremely difficult and where most players are not positioned near each other on the field anyway. And we play only once a week so if you don't feel well, stay home that Sunday! The ABA's focus has always been on PLAYING baseball. We will not be intimidated by some Muppet virus! America & the Amateur Baseball Association will play ball!!

Other leagues can chose to be weak & hysterical while we will remain strong, confident and logical. We are working with municipal and county governments regarding field slots with varying degrees of success and are scheduled to open on April 5th. Some permits are ready to go, some delayed a week or 2, some still evaluating,...etc. Please keep in mind that the 2nd week of April is Easter and no games are ever scheduled then. If we have to adjust the schedule to single games in the early going to accommodate field space we are ready to do that. Rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make baseball happen just as our previous record has proven. We've had teams play 40 game seasons in the past so were are capable of making up lost ground if necessary.

Using common sense is key. If you feel sick, have a fever or cough then stay home and see a medical professional. Do not share drinks. No kissing each other! We will be instituting a NO HANDSHAKE policy. Do not line up after the game. You can just wave!

Make sure you wash your hands and don't touch your face. Drinking plenty of fluids and taking vitamin C to boost your immune system is always recommended. Olive leaf extract & Lysine are natural herbal anti-virals.

If you feel an urge to feed because the Zombie virus has gotten you, you should stay away from some other leagues because they don't have any brains!

See you out there!

Amateur Baseball Assoc.

ABA Featured On ESPN Sports Center!

ABA Featured On ESPN Sports Center!


We are registering teams & free agent players for our Spring 2020 season.  ALL POSITIONS WELCOME!

18+ divisions are 22+ game seasons

35+ divisions are 14 game seasons

If interested please call 201-873-3349 or email

Included in the fee are:
• Spring Season runs April & July with Aug playoffs. Games are Sundays.
• 2 Full Time Commissioners with 18 Years Experience 
• Flexible Master Scheduling
• Multiple Skill Levels for Wood & Metal Divisions
• League Field Slots 
• Field and Accidental Medical Insurance
• League & Team Website for stats & schedules 
• Wilson A1010 Game Baseballs
• Umpire Assigning
• Proactive Customer Service 

NEW! ABA Weeknight League!

ABA Weeknight League is looking for teams and free agent players. Games will be held in Northern NJ. Tues, Wed or Thursday nights. 10 game season + playoffs & runs June - August. $1000 team fee with field slots or $1250 team fee without field slots. $100 weeknight free agent player fee. Baseballs, insurance and website for stats and schedules included. If interested please contact Larry at or Jason @ 201-873-3349.

BREAKING NEWS! - The ABA Membership gets 10% off non-sale purchases either online or in-store at Just mention the ABA in the comments section or in person. Their warehouse is located in Westwood, NJ. They don't just sell bats either.. they have everything!

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ABA Studios Presents:

Q&A with the Wood-Ridge Titans formerly of njabl. Some juicy topics are discussed.
Link to full interview:

ABA Studios Presents:

Q & A with ABA's Paterson Rockies formerly of the NJABL. A spectrum of topics discussed. (Full 25 Minute Interview)

2020 ABA All Star Game & HR Derby Festivities - 4th of July Weekend

The ABA All Star Game & HR Derby Festivities will be held on 4th of July weekend at Veterans Memorial Field Complex: 2450 S Wood Ave, Linden, NJ 07036.

We will be set up in the center cooking the $1 hot dogs & cheeseburgers. And once again Commish Larry will be announcing!

9:00am HR Derby & 10:30am AS Game
Elite Wood National vs Elite Wood American
12:00pm HR Derby & 1:30pm AS Game
NJ Wood National vs NJ Wood American
3:00pm HR Derby & 4:30pm AS Game
NJ Metal National vs NJ Metal American
If you want to join us or have any questions you can call Jason @ 201-873-3349 or email Larry at

The ABA Welcomes you to the 2020 Spring season! If you want to join us or have any questions you can contact Jason @ 201-873-3349 or email Larry at

Jason or Larry


Phone: 201-873-3349

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